Poition Paper: Where change happens. Local governance to tackle multidimensional poverty and inequality

In a multilevel perspective, governance mechanisms at the local level matter, because this is where interactions among authorities, institutions and citizens – and thus the society as a whole – is most immediate and strongest4, as well as where inequalities, forms of exclusions, power imbalances and vulnerabilities are most immediately experienced by people. 


The general objective of this paper is to describe the position of Oxfam and ARCO on how local governance processes play a crucial role in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. According to this paper a common understanding and framework for local governance is urgently required to build more consistent and effective development strategies and initiatives. In particular, it aims to emphasize the importance of enabling local actors to lead and influence policy action and practices within a system of multilevel relations, in order to tackle multidimensional poverty and inequality.


Oxfam, Arco


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Oxfam, Arco