Disability is a multi-dimensional development and human rights issue. Disability inclusion is instrumental to the Sustainable Development Goals and its central pledge to leave no one behind and to reach the furthest behind first. Inclusive policies and programmes are sound investments in society.

This Guidance Note elaborates on the institutional and instrumental value of disability inclusive development and the twin frameworks within which we are galvanizing momentum: The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Sustainable Development Goals, which are mutually inclusive.

The Guidance Note incorporates a reflection on UNDP’s comparative advantage and the diversity and depth of interventions undertaken by UNDP which is a testimony to the organization’s efforts in supporting disability inclusive development across UNDP’s mandate, both as a means in itself and a catalyst for sustainable human development. Lastly, it delves into pertinent issues of data, programming and innovation and emphasizes efforts to support civic engagement and participation of persons with disabilities and our strategic and dedicated partnerships to support disability inclusion.