This report focuses on Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, focusing primarily on the basic guarantees of security social, but with the inclusive approach to social protection floor as conceptualized the United Nations System. This involves integration of maternal and child health, protection basic economic for women during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum, and care of people and dependent children, as essential aspects of social security.

The proposal states that the social protection floor is presented as an essential to contribute to inclusion and overcoming inequalities, and that protection floors national gender inequalities must be addressed in a comprehensive and cross. for that effectively meet this objective, the focus must be articulated from the full exercise rights and a critical assessment of the causes and structural factors these inequalities and social exclusion, especially those arising from gender relations. This will allow the measures articulated a diverse set of answers and overcome formulas handout that have limited impact on the effectiveness and sustainability of human development.

Rebeca Torada Máñez/Larraitz Lexartza


Costa Rica