It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge this important contribution to the on-going work on addressing the phenomena of gender-related killings of women. Globally, there is an increasing focus on the numerous manifestations; the complexity of its root causes; its worrisome increase in some contexts; and the gravity of its consequences for the victims, their families, the community and the society as a whole. I dedicated my 2012 thematic report to this issue and highlighted that the gender-related killing of a woman was the ultimate act of violence in a continuum of violence, and that such killings had “taken on disturbing proportions in the last few years.”1 In 2011, UNODC published a Global Study on Homicide noting that “intimate partner/ family-related violence is a major cause of female homicides,” and that women are more likely to be killed in the home.2 In 2013, a WHO study indicated that globally more than 38% of all murders of women are reportedly committed by an intimate partner, in comparison to 5% of all murders of men.3 Autoría:
UN Women and OHCHR