The Men and Gender Equality Policy Project (MGEPP), coordinated by Instituto Promundo and the International Center for Research on Women, is a multi-year effort to build the evidence base on how to change public institutions and policies to better foster gender equality and to raise awareness among policymakers and program planners of the need to involve men in health, development and gender equality issues. Project activities include: (1) a multi-country policy research and analysis presented in this publication; (2) the International Men and Gender Equality Survey, or IMAGES, a quantitative household survey carried out with men and women in six countries in 2009, with additional countries implementing the survey in 2010 and thereafter; (3) the “Men who Care” study consisting of in-depth qualitative life history interviews with men in five countries, and (4) advocacy efforts and dissemination of the findings from these components via various formats, including a video produced by documentary filmmaker Rahul Roy. Participating countries in the project, as of 2009, include Brazil, Chile, Croatia, India, Mexico, South Africa, and Tanzania. The project’s multiple research components aim to provide policymakers with practical strategies for engaging men in relevant policy areas, particularly in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence, fatherhood and maternal and child health, and men’s own health needs. Autoría:
Gary Barker